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-Meow Meow-

Meow came to Lisa's door some years ago as a frightened, semi-feral kitty. He was only comfortable with her. Upon trying to get him to the vets for an abscess on his mouth/chin, the carrier door opened and he got out and ran off into the woods.


"Just wanted to let you know Meow Meow is home with me again. He's been back since a week ago yesterday (last Thursday). Fred, the owner of the farm where Meow Meow was at called me at 5:30 am last Thursday and told me he caught Meow Meow in his trap. Dad took me down and we took Meow Meow home still in the humane trap so there were no accidents again. We brought him into my apartment let him out and he ran for my room and under the bed.

About 5 minutes after dad left, he came out went to his food and then to me for attention. I was told if he did go feral even with me, it would take a long time for him to adjust again. But, it was like nothing had happened.
Physically he's good, he went from 24lbs to 21lbs. and no problem with his chin or mouth, I guess the abscess went away. He so loving and does all of
his little quirks just like before. Well, I just wanted to let you know and tell you that you were right about getting back by trapping him. Thank you
so much Elaine! God Bless you and yours, Lisa"

L. Lingle - May 25, 2013


-Majesty the missing zebra-


Majesty appeared to go missing when a car drove down the road to his ranch. Track marks indicated that the car took off quicky and scared Majesty.  Hoof prints showed him bolting!

(Laurie & Dominique, co-owners, both contacted me.).

"Elaine, I thought Dominique told you.  She found Majesty right where you said he was. Two miles East of home! Thank you so much for all your help!"

L. Siegenthaler