Elaine DeCarlo - Animal Communicator, Interspecies Life Coach

Psychic Intuitive for Pets & People
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It is essential that you remain calm.  When you transmit calming energies, your animal will pick up on them and he/she will remain calm.

Relax, take a few deep breaths, blowing out any tension and negativity with each exhale. With your eyes closed imagine a golden cord connecting your heart with your animal’s heart.  When you are completely relaxed, encourage your animal to do whatever you feel will bring him/her home.  Tell them to follow your energy home, he or she is familiar with your energy essence. Show them the golden cord as a lifeline between you both and then as a beacon.  Visualize a shining light pouring out of you and your home.  Envision you and your home as a lighthouse. A bright golden yellow burst of color which can be seen for miles.  In your own mind follow this light, the golden cord home and then encourage your animal to do so as well.  Show them the way home from down the street and up to your front door.

 If you feel they are trapped somewhere, encourage them to break free.  If you have seen them running loose, encourage them to find a trustworthy person who can give them shelter.  Talk to them, they hear you even if you cannot hear them. You can give your pet animal directions on how to find his/her way home.

 Then trust and thank the Universe for helping!

Also, listen to your intuition & what it is telling you about the whereabouts of  your animal.  Pay attention to your dreams as well as there will be clues there.  Also pray & send Reiki for your pet animal.

Chanting and/or meditation to clear you mind, and free your Spirit is most helpful! This allows your Spirit to connect with your Pet's easier!


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