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 "I have been using Elaine's talents for over 10 years now with my pets. She has helped me locate a missing cat, address health issues and also assisted me in working through behavioral issues with my dogs. Our last session was most enjoyable! During this session, in which I wanted to work on some health concerns with Cassie, one of my rescued kitties, my deceased husband came through!  This was not only unexpected, but heartwarming! To my utter amazement, I am always able to validate what comes through. Thank you for sharing your gifts!" 

Natalie B. - Freeport, NY 4/1/13

"We are so grateful for you quickly helping us with our missing cat! I wanted to let you know that we went to search for him and you were spot on!! We found him! Thank you sooo much for helping us find him! The other animal communicator gave us really nothing to go on.  You gave us such precise and detailed information. You are amazing!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Renee - Westport, CT  10/16/12



 "Elaine was outstanding and accurate. She communicated with both present & deceased pets in intricate details! We are happy to continue to enlist her services for our pets!" C. Bowman - Richmond, VA

"Her animal psychic abilities are amazing! She knew what illness my dog has!" Joe- Norwalk, CA

"Heartfelt communication. Elaine knew things about my recently deceased dog, Oona, that only I knew. Thank you!" Jean- Prescott, AZ

"Elaine was so incredibly accurate in locating my indoor kitty that got out accidentally during a move. She described in detail where Mindy was hiding. We found her huddled behind a tree against a fence in our neighbor's backyard.. behind the yellow cape cod!!  Exactly as she said!" Sylvia- Shelton, CT


"Elaine, you are amazing! I'm in my room looking at my baby Molly drink water.
When I got home, I took a walk around where you told me to go on the map. I didn't think about going there since I had huge doubts Molly would go that way. I went to every street... but no luck.  I came home and something told me to go back out. I went the same way but walked another block. Half way on Floyd St, I saw Molly in the driveway! She was there "waiting to be seen" It's like she knew I was coming. She ran away from me to the back of the garage. I asked the owner of the house (an elderly man) if I could go into his yard. It was a small backyard like you said. The house was blue, but I can see how it could also have mistaken for a gray one. Right next to it was a yellow one... just as you said. As I ran to the back of the house, I kept calling out to her. She wouldn't come, but kept meowing. I stood on top of what seemed to be top soil and kept calling her name. And she came...
As I walked home with her in my arms, I saw a Jiffy Lube in the back of the house... that is where you smelled the diesel.
Elaine, I wouldn't have found her if you hadn't sent me in the right direction. I was looking on the opposite side of town! I can't express how thankful I am. Molly is more than just an animal to me. She's the longest friendship I've ever had. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her when I was 12 years old.
After all these years, I still feel like there's so much to learn from her. I never knew how much animals could communicate. You have a gift and I would like to continue with you in communicating with Molly."

Ariana Campos

Belleville, NJ



"Nicadeimos is home!!! Thank you. Thank you Elaine.  You told us he said he would be back and he is!!  Our neighbor saw him last night, he was back near our house.. Just as you said!  You were confident he would come back home as he told you that he did stop back one time and then ran off again enjoying his adventure!!  And he was seen across the street and down a block as you described. That exact street, when he first accidentally got out of the house.  Incredibly accurate descriptions of all the streets and surroundings. Wetlands, wooded area, houses. We are so happy! We are just now bringing him to the vets for full a checkout after being gone for one week! You are gifted and we will be recommending you!"

Margaret Spence (on behalf of Nicadeimos)

Poulsbo, WA


Scout had been missing for weeks and weeks. Postings everywhere, at the vets, on every street corner.  Frankly, I contacted Elaine with a very heavy heart.  Feeling that Scout  was deceased, I just wanted a confirmation. Well, Elaine checked in with Scout, and told me that he was alive and living across the street in a wooded patch and hanging out at the house right there! Scout who had been a feral kitten living outside before I adopted him, just that one day weeks before bolted for the door and was gone! No sightings! I wanted to believe Elaine. She said for me to go out at dusk and dawn, put out food make a trail around for him to go to.  Luckily the house across the street is my sister's. So, Elaine said have your sister leave the garage door open and put food in there, Scout will go there. He will go everyday to eat there.

 Elaine had described my neighborhood and Scout so well, I believed her! So I did this. Well, she was right! Scout was living in the wooded patch on the side of my sister's house and going into the garage now that we had put food there. Trouble was, he would run away from us when we tried to get him. I asked Elaine to communicate with him further, to help guide him home. Again, Elaine did not make any guarantees, but did say she would work with one of her dogs in Spirit as she is a Guide for her to help bring Scout home.  Elaine told me, "Okay, Scout did listen to Daisy, and we told him how Winter was coming and he indicated how much he hates the cold, and was willing to come home." And then Elaine said that Daisy told him to either allow himself to be caught in the garage or first thing in the morning run home to the front door and go straight in when I opened the door.

Again, Elaine gave no guarantees,  but added that Daisy was an incredible dog and had such a strong self awareness, maternal instinct and sense of direction herself that she had faith. She also said Daisy was her usual bossy self. Pretty much telling Scout what to do.  To my amazement, Scout did just that! Scout walked in the front door this morning. He's home safe sound and happy to be here.

Thanks for everything you and your guides were wonderful!

Take care
S. Ivanko, CT

 Oct. 6, 2010

Dear Elaine-

It is with great excitement that I want to cancel our phone conversation tomorrow morning. I went home right after work, we walked around the block and looked at every house that had a red deck.  As you had indicated that the house Paulie was sitting at basement level in a type of "casement" was next door to me and South.  Guess what?  The house literally just South of me, 10 feet South, had a red deck. But Paulie wasn't under the deck, he was in their crawl space where the access is on the exterior of the home, 10 feet from my side door. I do not know how to thank you!!! I am sitting here, with my little Paulie laying next to me, and I am just thrilled that he is home and safe. I just hope the whole experience wasn't too traumatic for him! He is still skittish and that is ok. He was cold and hungry and we are just giving him space to acclimate to life back in the home.

Thank you so much again!!! I will forever sing your praises!!

Cathy- Illinois
March 26, 2012 


My parents had moved into a new home. Sabre their indoor-outdoor cat was outside one evening and when I returned to my own condo 45 minutes away suspecting nothing wrong I went to sleep. Suddenly  was awoken by distinct meows at 2 am in the morning. This was my first introduction to telepathic communication with an animal- those meows in my head that woke me up the night Sabre went missing. The next morning from work I called my mom and mom said Sabre had not come back in and I knew something was wrong.


I left work and immediately started to look for him. As I was frantically searching, not knowing where to look first and walking through the woods I thought I wish I was psychic. I wish I could see where he was in my mind. Maybe I could find someone who could do that.


First online I found an Animal Communicator and her website. I quickly made a payment but, it would take another day for her to get back to me.  I couldn't wait - I wanted to know where he was NOW. I found Elaine and she got right on it immediately. She described a house in detail. When the other AC finally got back to me she said Sabre's lying unconscious under a bush near a jeep or any kind of SUV within a 3 mile radius (which didn't really tell me anything) and I was panic stricken as I drove around like a mad woman looking for jeeps, looking under bushes. Elaine sent long distance reiki healing to Sabre for me and her long distance healing was all I could do for him being that I couldn't pick him up and take him to a vet. Elaine helped me stay calm and positive which is very important for your pets who can sense your emotions. I kept on repeating the affirmation "What if something wonderful happened today?" to give out positive energy.


Elaine kept on emailing me if she heard something from Sabre.  I took an Animal Communication workshop to learn how to do this myself but all I got from Sabre was images of grass.  I did contact other Animal Communicators as well.


When I did finally find him- it was Elaine who had been right all along. I found him at the back of a house that she had described to me exactly almost 2 months ago. The house was behind a rather long driveway and couldn't be seen from the street so I had missed it before even though it was right there all along.


Elaine never once acted like my constant emailing her was a nuisance or that I was some crazy obsessed woman who couldn't let my cat go- or ever said something like you have to pay me again for me to talk to you like some pet psychics would.


My cat was lost and alone and she kept him company and kept him feeling safe by talking to him. She was like a cell phone between me and my cat when he was gone. I can't imagine how I would have managed the two months he was missing without her support or help. When we found him and he came to me like he was expecting me all along (he didn't go to my dad or sister) –that was the most precious moment ever.


Sarah Khan, MBA Moorestown NJ


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