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Woody - Missing indoor cat - Cohasset, MA - 2/14/20- Barbara Wrenn

Our indoor only 4 yr old cat Woody went missing.  He somehow got out!! Initially I called a pet psychic that gave cryptic information like "He is in a dark place and is stuck.". "It is as though he is looking through a veil.". I also called another psychic he said that Woody had passed! My sister then found Elaine for me online and suggested I get another reading. Initially, Elaine was incredibly specific about what Woody was seeing. And, "He is very close to your house.". Her description was spot on. Our house is very old and very close to neighboring houses.  These are the only two houses like this within 1/4 mile. I was very hopeful! Elaine then connected with Woody and described in exact detail how he got out through the basement. An opening which appeared to be under a door. She told me which door to leave open (the basement door) and Woody would come in through there. I did this and at 12:15 am Woody came through the door. Woody came home after 4 extremely fraught days and nights outside! This could not have been accomplished without Elaine.I am so grateful to have reached out to her on the second day he was missing!She was a comfort to me when I was distraught, afraid and feeling panicked. She gave me hope! I am eternally grateful to Elaine and her Spirit Guide Daisy!


This is Barbara's email to me when he came home: "He’s here! Just walked in thru the open cellar door. I can’t thank you enough. I’m so happy."