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Missing indoor Cat Sam!

"My cat had been missing for 8 days, he had fallen off a second story deck, and had never been outside before.  Our hearts were broken he was our love, our best friend, Sam.  We searched 3 times a day, posted lost posters EVEYWHERE, all of our neighbors were on lookout, but there was not one sign of our missing boy.  A coworker gave me Elaine’s website, stating he was looking for an animal communicator to assist us in our mission to find Sam.  In less than 12 hours Sam was found after contacting Elaine, who is simply an amazing person.  She was able to convey to me what Sam was feeling/seeing, Sam was scared, alone in an atmosphere he had never been in, big rainstorms were occurring and we became more and more concerned, I could not stop sobbing.  Without her help I do not know if we would have found him. Elaine was able to pinpoint where he was at that exact moment, and Sam was found! And our family again was complete.  I would recommend Elaine to everyone! And believe me I already have! The amazement of her gift is truly magical and I will forever be grateful! "

Elizabeth R
Long Branch, NJ
 Email from Liz, telling me he was found. My visuals were spot on! Sammy was home!
"Thanks to you we got our Sam back!!!!   I can never thank you enough!!!! You are truly a miracle!!!!!!!! "
Picture of Samson, aka Sam, Sammy, Pappa at home!

More Testimonials

Just a note to thank you Elaine. After Midnight was missing for 22 days, I truly was just about to give up.  Until a friend recommended to try you.  Your method of 'dreamwork' worked! He came home this afternoon (morning your time), thinner and with a broken leg (you indicated the injury), but alive! I am so happy that I trusted in you. You said he was lost, had wandered off farther than ever before and had an injury. You made no promises but did say you believed you could guide him home, working overnight and early morning.  Well, I am a believer now! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts!

Marcia P. and Midnight - 3/23/14- Sydney, Australia



" One night I saw that one of my friends had lost her dog. I was in Canada, she was in the south of Spain!  I contacted an animal communicator I had engaged after my dog died, but she was in the midst of a very busy schedule and suggested I find someone else. " Who else?" I asked ,a little worried, she said I could find one on the internet  and my intuition would tell me it was the right one. So, I found Elaine, sent her a picture and a brief description of how Petra, the dog, had gotten loose and lost and the next morning , and several mornings afterwards Elaine  described where Petra was . She located neighborhoods on the map and described the area surrounding Petra at the time she communicated with her. I went into Google Earth and zoomed down to find the houses and streets where Petra might be. Knowing the info. Elaine had conveyed narrowed the area down to a very small space , about a 1/4 mile radius. I found the exact locations, building and roads that  Elaine had given me...her descriptions were that good! The dog was a very frightened pooch and as it turned out roamed at night and hid by day making her very difficult to find, but Elaine knew she would be found a described a development and very small area where she kept seeing her, and sightings of Petra  kept happening in these areas. Then one morning at 3 am, twelve days later, a security guard saw her and called her owner and  she was in the very location Elaine has described. I have had  years of experiences with psychics and animal communicators and I have to say that Elaine's  ability tops them all. She is accurate, and kind,  and encouraging and I can't imagine ever using anyone else to find a lost animal or to communicate with an animal. I am enormously grateful and impressed. If your animal can be found, and wants to be found, Elaine will be a huge help I am sure. Thanks again Elaine! 


 D. Baker, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Beautiful Petra!

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