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Jennifer & Yoshi

"Thank you so much for the fantastic session today! It was such a relief to have my concerns about Yoshi addressed. Her age one for one thing and she was so happy to connect with you! She actually kept licking my face as we spoke about her anal gland expression. I will be taking her in today to get that done.  I also appreciate you giving me her persepective on me going back to work and how to make sure she is comfortable at home without me.  And thank you for the work you have done to become a channel for pets. Often it is helpful to get their perspective on life changes and their health issues.  This has made me bond with her so much more."

 Yoshi and I send you our Love,

Jennifer - Boulder, CO





Kim & Chloe


HERE IS THE PHOTO OF CHLOE (you may have to blow it up!). 


One of my devoted client's maltese died unexpectedly by a heartattack. She was beyond reproach and asked me to connect with Chloe, her constant companion of 10 yrs.  Connecting with Chloe was very easy. She came through like a gentle wave of white and pink energy. Indicating to me that she crossed over easily and was sending out what could be called heart centered energy.  Chloe immediately told me that her Mom should not be sad. There was nothing that she could've done to prevent her death.  She added that she wanted to go that way, just riding in the car next to her.  Riding in the car was one of her favorite things to do. She also added that she needed to crossover first as (and she showed me this visually) another small white dog in the family.  A male about the same age would be crossing over in approximately 6 months time and she needed to be there for him.  To help him crossover.  She also told me to tell her Mom that she is always around her.  All day long and particularily in her bedroom sitting on a dark brown bureau.


Within about 6 months I got an email and a picture from Kim. She said, "Look closely at this picture.  There is a white orb in the center of the dark brown bureau.  If you blow it up, you will see Chloe!! Young, little black eyes and black nose with her tongue hanging out!!".  I did just that.  I blew up the picture about ten times and there she was, clearly seen.

Then Kim added, "And you know, Chloe's brother who was with my ex-husband just passed away. Elaine, it was just about 6 months to the day! Thank you so much for all you have done for me and Chloe. My heart is still missing her, but I now know for sure she is always with me.  I will take more pictures and send them to you as I feel her prescence around me.."


Kim Kienast, TX



Walk in Peace and with Love in your Heart!
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