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In Memory - Pets who have Crossed Over- (just a few, so many in our hearts forever)...

Walk in Peace and with Love in your Heart!
The animals will then hear you and you them!


Handsome & gentle Marco, 8.5 yrs old. 

Crossed over - June 2, 2009.  

I rescued you from a high-kill NYC shelter in August, 2008 and brought you to a great rescue in New England along with the  other 11 kitties you came to me with. You were the last one to get adopted. Your sister Mina was adopted before you. Even though your new Mom had you only 6 months, you touched her & me forever!

Thank you for coming back to me to tell me you were gone! I am connected with your beautiful energies & Soul forever. 

I Love you Marco! Always & Forever! 

   Beautiful & Sweet Molly, 12.5 yrs old.

 Crosssed over- October 26, 2009.

You went missing mid-October, 2008. We tracked & found you two streets away 12 days later; bringing you home!

Mom, Ariana, was so happy & grateful to be graced with your physical body for one more year.

Molly, you touched & taught all of us.  Your Spirit is with Ariana & Me always..

I Love you Molly forever!


Wise & Gentle Mr. Mau Mau, 18 yrs old (?)

Handsome & Loving Mr. Mau Mau. Beloved companion of Linda.

You went missing in January, 2008. Sending me only snaphot pictures of where you had been.  We never found you, yet we KNEW where you had been! Thank you for letting us know now what really happened to you. Your loving Spirit is with and around Linda & I forever.  A joy to know your forgiving Soul!


Mr. Mau Mau. Always & Forever In Our Hearts

we love you!!




My Beautiful & Beloved Daisy

13 yrs old (?) 1997 - 2010

Crossed over September 1, 2010 at 10:10am

 My Very Best Friend, Constant Companion & Protector.  Wise, Gentle, Patient, Strong & Loving Teacher! Your incredibly strong body fought this aggressive & unforgiving cancer with dignity & grace up til your last breath! I am awed by you!!

Even though I "knew" before any symptoms appeared that you had cancer by your energies. My mind could not & would not accept it.  Months of back & forth to vets, finally a diganosis 5 months later. Inoperable, uncurable, aggressive sarcoma & tumors!! Even if caught earlier, no chance for recovery! You were so valiant & loving always!! And a lady!!

 I will forever miss your beautiful body. Your Spirit & Gentle Essence lives on with me. You are a part of my Soul & Very Being for Eternity!  I look forward to our reunion!

(This picture of her was taken Christmas, 2009. Only a few weeks before I "heard" cancer when connecting w/her energies. Showing health & vigor!)


So many losses over the years, both people and pets. Only now am I able to put my two precious cats here.


My beautiful Halie left us on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 11:05 am. She was approximately 13 years old.

This picture was taken just a couple of weeks before her diagnosis! Her fur so soft and beautiful always!  She looked so healthy! 

So special, so much missed! I adopted you when you were 6 or 7, all it said was grey cat! She was a beautiful, loving, strong, Russian Blue. Paperwork said she had a congenital defect, nothing more! Nearly 6 years later we learned it was her heart, and could not be detected until hyperthyroid and congestive heart failure.  My sweetie. Was overweight and at shelter for 6 months. Bad teeth and all. I knew I was taking her home the minute I saw her and she taught me so much. My "talker". Till we are together again.



My most beloved, Tigger. My heart aches every minute.

He left us on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 2:10 pm.  He was 14 years old.  

My everything. My soulmate, my teacher.

We are together; forever and beyond time! We will be together in form again too. I love to remember him sitting in the high green grass. He was FIV+ but as the vet said that never got him down. Kidney issues and a brain tumor. His heart developed issues as well. I helped him crossover when he let me know when. We had our own little signal when it was your time and I helped as I promised.  My love.



Bitsy crossed over on Friday, October 28, 2015 at 6:35 pm.

I had the privilege to help her crossover and speak with her just two hours before!  She left me with words of wisdom! Much as she lived! Laura's much loved constant companion died at 19 years old. On a rainy/stormy night in NYC, with Hurricane Patricia winds!

 Little Bitsy. She faught many battles courageously. We all learned from her.

 Bitsy in column on Canabais for pets


Thank you for allowing me to speak to you in life and in Spirit. You have taught me so much! 


My beloved Dutch Shepherd. Dutch - 'Dutchie'

3/06(?) - 2/12/16

These pictures are of him and me together before he was euthanized.  So many physical ailments he pushed on, never giving up. Broken legs, pinched nerves,

parasites, arthritis. He could not beat cancer. A tumor in his spleen burst and he still was Dutch.

 Loving, protective a complete joy!  Even on his last day, not giving up, not wanting to leave us! 

We were so very lucky to have you. He left us on this physical plain at 5:10pm on 2/12/16.

His spirit will never leave. He will return to us again!

You are so very much loved and missed!  You are forever and ever in our hearts and minds.  Be free of pain now my very precious boy!