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Time is of the essence with lost pets and I treat them this way in my practice. This is a specialty of mine.. I utilize remote viewing abilities to give details on an animal's location. I also am able to look through the animals eyes. I have a very good success rate at locating animals. But no Animal Communicator or Pet Psychic can guarantee that an owner's animal will be located. Many factors contribute to every missing pet case.


Sometimes an animal is truly lost. He or she gets scared by another animal or noise and runs off.  Other times, they are off on an adventure and will return home.  And, of course, there are times when an animal will go off to die; to spare their owners the pain of dealing with this.  As any Animal Communicator will tell you, it is not always possible to know for sure if an animal has crossed over as Spirit is alive and if you ask the animal, "Are you alive?", to him/her the answer is always YES!  If you ask them if they are still in their bodies, you may get a definite and accurate answer. But, if it was a sudden death they may still be in a state of confusion and think that they are in their bodies and give you images of where they were when they were still alive! 

 In this case, of a sudden death, it will take up to one month before an animal has fully transformed into spirit and is ready to communicate. So if you have found a body or feel intuitively that your pet has crossed over, bear in mind that an animal communicator cannot fully communicate with them until they have have completely transitioned on the other side!  They are truly between worlds until then.

 Also realize that the longer a pet has been missing the more likely they will go into survival mode or a wild/feral state. In these instances communication can become more difficult because they are scared and confused! For the best results, this is why it is important to contact an animal communicator or pet psychic within the first few days they have been gone missing!


**** An important note here:  Many times I have had client's contact me after (or even before) using one or more other pet psychics or animal communicators.  This is fine, I am always open to other reputable pet psychic's or animal communicator's opinion and viewpoint.  I will even at times, refer to others for another valuable opinion!!  There are sometimes many facets and different pieces to be filled in on a missing pet.  

But, I have had a view clients ask, "Why did pet psychic #2 get that my cat is lost and scared when you did not? You found him on an adventure and fine!?".  "Why do you have him hiding down low, when pet psychic #3 has him up in trees!?" They are not understanding the fluidity of this work. And also the interpretation by the particular communicator.

Remember we are only tuning in at specific times. That is, a small portion of that animal's day. Think of yourself walking in a new and large mall. At some moments you are enjoying it (an adventure), at other times you are frustrated & nervous (too many shops to look into), at another point you know your way around just fine are calm, and yet at even another point in time you maybe completely lost and perhaps a bit scared in this new large mall!! These concepts are not difficult to understand, yet I have seen people oversimplify the state of a lost or missing pet. The animal is perhaps covering a lot of ground and there are many different images, sensations and thoughts to pick up!!!! Working with missing/lost pets is the most difficult of work to do as a communicator.

I also would like to add here is mostly about cats, but not only. I have had several clients over the years say, "My Monty would not go off on an adventure. I am so good to my cats and dogs, that is not how he/she is.. I give my pets everything they want". Well, in my years of experience, cats will go off if they are given access to the outside. Why will they do this? Is it because they don't love you? Is it because they don't love their home? Is it because they don't love the other pets?  It can be any one of these possibilities or as I have commonly seen, particularly with male cats even neutered ones, they chose to go off and explore and explore = freedom.  And animals will not act the same way they do when they are safely at home as they do when roaming and wild. 

People tend to put human emotions on a cat or dog. They are genetically different and thus their brains are wired differently. Just remember, if you give your cat or dog the opportunity to go roaming freely, there is a large possibility that some day they will not return. It may be their own choice as you are giving them a choice to roam and to return home or not to!  Or something out of their control occurs while they are roaming. Please keep this in mind!


Remember, there is karma and free will among humans and animals as well!

Many times, when a pet has gone missing, I have seen it as a lesson that must be learned by the pet's guardian.  At all times, the best and the healthiest thing that we can do is to ask the Universe for help and guidance!  Then release and let things unfold as they should!



It is my profound honor to be a link between you and your beloved pet!  

Sessions may take up to 48 hours for me to be able to schedule in.  

I offer my diverse practice with diverse pricing.

The information I receive when communicating with Spirit is not always the same per client or session.  It is fluid! It flows!

I also have several different sessions with different prices to help meet as many needs as possible!


Steps to take when trying to locate a missing pet:

 I always suggest doing all of the things that anyone would do when an animal goes missing.  Put up tons of posters, ask neighbors, check with veterinarians and Animal Control, post in lost and found on the internet and all over..  Go out late at night & early morning calling for your animal. Put out food, blankets and garments with scents from home! Do anything you can think of that will draw them to you. They will most likely come out in the dark as they feel safe that way.

Also, do the "golden cord" meditation..and you must remain positive and send off positive energies to the animal. 

(See this meditation also on my website). 


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