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Frequently Asked Questions:

  It is my profound honor to be a link between you and your beloved pet! 


1. How long should a session be for a lost or missing pet?

 A first-time consultation for a lost pet should be at least 45 minute minimum. Lost pets take a lot of energy and time on my part, your part and the animal. Check-ins thereafter can be at a 15 or 30 minute email.  I recommend the LOST PET PACKAGE.

If you would rather just pay for each session as we schedule appointments. I do offer one time checkin consultations via telephone or email.  These are listed just below Lost Pet Package on payment page. 

Please note, I do not keep the channels open with a missing pet after the session has concluded. One time check ins are concluded in one session. Only with The Lost Pet Package are channels left 'open' for several days I keep checking in on a pets state and whereabouts. 

2. Have you ever not been able to connect with a missing pet?

No. I have always been able to get through.  Sometimes they do not want to speak to anyone. And that is fine, I will then work with my Guides and their Guides for communication. I also can do remote viewing and "see" where the animal is. Sometimes I will see through their eyes and other times simply by remote viewing, I am able to see them and around them. Their location. I am psychic as well as telepathic!

3.  Will you speak with client while they are driving around trying to pinpoint locations as you described in an email or over the phone?

No, I am sorry. I cannot speak with a client while they are driving around.  They must take the notes I give them and match up themselves without me on the phone with them. 

I do give detailed information.  This is very time consuming on my part.  I cannot go over it again while they are driving.  I certainly do not advise anyone to drive while speaking on the phone.


4. Why did my pet go off? 

One thing I would like to add here is mostly about cats, but not only. I have had several clients over the years say, "My Monty would not go off on an adventure. I am so good to my cats and dogs, that is not how he/she is.. I give my pets everything they want". Well, in my years of experience, cats will go off if they are given access to the outside. Why will they do this? Is it because they don't love you? Is it because they don't love their home? Is it because they don't love the other pets?  It can be any one of these possibilities or as I have commonly seen, particularly with male cats even neutered ones, they chose to go off and explore and explore = freedom.  People tend to put human emotions on a cat or dog. They are genetically different and thus their brains are wired differently. Just remember, if you give your cat or dog the opportunity to go roaming freely, there is a large possibility that some day they will not return. It may be their own choice as you are giving them a choice to roam and to return home or not to!

Or something out of their control occurs while they are roaming. I have seen animals act in ways out of fear that they would not normally do. Like a cat running from a dog and going up a tree. Or bolting two miles away, when they never went up trees or left their own yard before! Do not assume that your pet will act as they normally do when unchallenged! Instinct kicks in! They quickly go into survival mode!

Also in my many years of working with missing or lost pets, and my formulating an overall view of things. I have seen this to happen as part of 'something' the pet guardian must learn. It is important to remain hopeful and positive, then release for the Universe to allow what is best for the 'highest good' to occur.  Please keep all of this in mind! 

5. What is your success rate in locating missing pets?

This is not something that can be answered without some understanding of what a missing pet is.  The pet maybe truly lost and I can describe his or her surroundings.  This is perhaps a simpler lost pet scenario to deal with. Then there are the pets that are not truly lost and only going off on their own decision to do so. I can still describe to you where they are and what I see. But they may not want to come home. It is their choice to go off at that time. I maybe able to communicate further with them in these instances to see if they intend to come back.

Then another scenario, which I have dealt with, is the pet is stolen. This is very, very difficult as I can describe what I see and what the pet is telling me. But other methods should also be used in tracking this stolen pet.  In all situations of missing or lost pets, I encourage the owners to put up as many posters and as far and wide as they can. Miles and miles apart. I had pets found miles away from home. Persistence is the key.

So taking into account different scenarios, and these are just a few. I would say that my success rate is very good as I am giving the owner details on where the animal is and what he/she is telling me.  The rest is up to the animal and their person. The relationship is between them and I am a facilitator or channel.

Unfortunately, no animal communicator or pet psychic can guarantee that your pet will be found. I, as well, do not make any such claims! The very best psychics in the world do not and would not make such claims!

Each case, each animal is different. With different karma and free will! Some cases are very simple and the pet is easily guided home. In other cases, the animal never returns.

Please make yourself educated on this matter before consulting with any pet psychic or animal communicator to better understand what we can and cannot do! We can give you and your pet guidance & direction, the rest is up to the Universe!


6.  Can you guarantee 100% that my pet has not crossed over when communicating with him/her?

Unfortunately no. No animal communicator can. 

Sometimes a pet will crossover so quickly, i.e, hit by a car, a physical condition (such as a stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, etc.) that he/she does not know they have left their bodies. This can be a quite common occurrence and in these events, they will still show me visuals and landscapes of the areas they have visited while alive and will even tell me they are not deceased.  I believe ( and this is from years of experience) that they are "walking the Earth" in Spirit and so they feel that they still have a body.

In these instances, it may take the pet sometime to adjust without a body.  It may take up to one month before they become aware that they are no longer in physical form.

 I will add here however, that with map dowsing, if I find his/her energies roaming that means to me they are alive. I have had clients come to me after another psychic or reader told them their pet has crossed over, and I have found them alive. I am happy to report that several times this has happened and the pet was found indeed alive and well!

7. End of life guidance consultations: Can you help me and my pet come to terms with certain death? "My pet is sick and the veterinarian is suggesting euthanasia.  When will I know it is right time? Can you help connect with my pet and find out how she/he feels about this, and when they will be ready?"  Yes. I have been helping people and their pets in these situations for many years. I have had to personally deal with this as well with my own beloved pets. I can speak to your pet, and find out how they are feeling and how they feel about the euthanasia process. Also try to determine when is the right time. I am here to guide you (I am a counseling psychologist) and your pet during this sensitive time.


8. Can you communicate with Deceased Pets?

Yes. Many times it will take a couple of weeks before a crossed over pet is ready to communicate, but this is not always the case.

Some will communicate immediately upon crossing over. It has to do with their Spirit adjusting on the other side, and them no longer being in form.


9. If we are doing a phone consultation and more and more information is coming up from client and pet requiring the session to go over paid scheduled time, will you just continue and let client pay after session?

 No, I have unfortunately been forced to put this on my website at this time, which really is upsetting to me as I have always trusted in the honesty and energy exchange between me and my clients. I just recently had someone with a lost pet pay for only a 30 minute phone session and we went up to 1 hour. The session was full and helpful. Left her feeling good about her lost pet and confident about the situation. When I emailed her the next day for the rest of my payment, she felt it was unethical of me to do so. That I decided to go over the 30 minutes and thus she did not owe me for another 30 minutes.  That it was my choice to go over. Even though the pet had more to say and she had more to say, and this helped them both tremendously. She said she would not pay for the additional 30 minutes. 

This is why I ask for money in advance before a session begins. I have had clients over the years promise payment after I have put in several hours, only not to do so in the end.  I am a consultant and I have bills to pay just like everyone else in business.  I am a paid professional  just like your psychologist, lawyer and doctor. Also I have other obligations where my time is needed.


 I appreciate your respect in this matter.


10. Do  you work on weekends?

No, I do not work on Saturday or Sunday. If there is an emergency and you do need to schedule a weekend appointment. I can schedule in at times. But there is an emergency session fee of $50 attached to any session you are requesting. Please email me in advance regarding this.


 11. Will you travel to do consultations?

 At this time, unfortunately, I am unable to do onsite consultations.

12 Will you do psychic readings for people?

Yes, since I have had many consultations where deceased relatives will come through when working with a pet. I am now offering sessions for people too! I have had psychic/medium abilities for as long as I can remember.  For people sessions, they must be done by phone only and pricing is the same as for pets.


13. How about if I just call your telephone #? Will you do an immediate session for me?

I am sorry, but I cannot do any immediate sessions, even if you choose to call my telephone number.  People still do this, and I must tell them to email me. I respond to emails within 1 hour!

Make your payment and email me dates/times that are convenient for you. We will workout a mutually agreed upon date/time for our session to be conducted comfortably.

14. I absolutely will not respond to an email or Latiss schedule email with only a name and telephone number to call unless payment has already been made.  I have had a few people in the past do just this.  These emails will be deleted immediately, unless we have had prior email correspondence about dates/times & payment has been made.


 15. Payment for my services.

I have to get paid as this is my livelihood! I have had a few, luckily very, very few, people who do not understand this. That if I love animals (and I do!), why not work for free!?

Telepaths and empaths naturally take on a client's emotional state, as well as the animals. This is not easy work, staying detached!

Realize that if an animal communicator or pet psychic works for free, the karmic band is left intact. In other words, you will 'owe' that person performing this work and that band must be worked out in some other way. Basically, if you value your pet, you will pay the individual who puts energy and work into helping you. This is just the natural way that things in nature work.  There will be payment at sometime, in someway.

Each and every session is given my undivided attention and energy. My time and energy does have value!

16. No refunds are given once a session has been completed. I have had very, very, very few situations in the many years I have been doing this work where someone wanted a refund. But I must put this here now, as a result of two that have happened within a few months of each other. They were involving lost/missing pets. And as most people understand this is the hardest work to do as an animal communicator or pet psychic. Only 30% of all animal communicators will do this work, and out that number only about half are truly specialized and able to do this work. I am among those that this has always been a 'gift' of mine.  


17.  Lastly,  I am very sensitive to energies being psychic and telepathic. If I feel your energies transmitting negativity to me;  I will end our relationship.  I know many will say, "This is a given." . But, no, I have seen people engage me even for quite some time, only to try to send their negative energies my way.  I pick it up quickly, and may refer these individuals to other psychics for help.  I cannot take on other people's negativity and will not. I must stay a pure heart centered channel.  I can offer such individuals healings and will even send it to them freely.  But I will not maintain a relationship with them.



Sessions may take up to 48 hours for me to be able to schedule in.  Please understand this if emailing me with a request for immediate help. I cannot always schedule sessions this way as I have many other obligations at any given time.


Please do not send your first email to me asking for help with  detailed information and pictures, etc. That information should only come after I have agreed to work with you.

Also if your PayPal email address is different from the one you wish to communicate through, make sure you email me at reikiessences@yahoo.com with that address to prevent delay!



I (as most animal communicators do) withhold the right to refuse to work with a client.

If, in the rare instance, this does occur a refund will be sent immediately!!






Only through love is energy facilitated here!

Walk in Peace and with Love in your Heart!
The Animals will then Hear you and you them!