Elaine DeCarlo - Animal Communicator, Interspecies Life Coach

Psychic Intuitive for Pets & People
Reiki Healer Systems Founder

Sessions Located on this page are for all issues other than lost pets.

****Understanding a Cat's, Bird's,  Dog's, Horses, Ferret's, Rabbit's, Pig's (all species) Behavior.

 As well as working towards reaching an acceptable balance between guardian & pet.

***Targeting areas that are health concerns for your beloved pet & determining what medicines and/or procedures will benefit most.

***** Coming to terms with end of life issues. Deciding 'when' is the right time to euthanize. 

**** Facilitating heartfelt connections  with pets that are deceased.


Telephone consultations for People & Pets:

I CALL CLIENT- (I can only call within the U.S. & Canada).

3- way consultation.




30 Minutes Telephone $65 - Up to 5 pets.




I also take Venmo email for information.


Email sessions for pets only

Will need photo of pet(s).  

With each of these sessions I will include a 20 minute reiki session.


30 Minutes Email Session $60 - Up to 10 questions


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 I also take Venmo email for information.

**** Please note, in most cases behavioral issues are not a 'quick fix'. They can take several sessions talking to the pet to help them understand and modify the unwanted behavior. Much like when we go to a counselor or therapist, it takes work and commitment from all involved! And, of course, a veterinarian examination is needed prior to determine whether or not it may be related to a health issue.

*** Please, note, I am not a veterinarian and do not make diagnosis.  I can and do relate what sensations, pains, and unbalances are in the pet's body.  I do this through talking to the animal and doing a type of Reiki scan of their bodies.  Always consult with a competent veterinarian for a full diagnosis.



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