PERMANENT BABIES & FOSTERS PERMANENT BABIES & FOSTERS Stars Uplifting. 7722836 Me and Lance My beautiful White German Shepherd Husky Mix.. 7715731 Dutch Our Beautiful Dutch Shepherd.. Rescued from Ocala Humane Society.. Had broken front legs at around 5 months old . He was found hit by a truck in Miami. He had four homes; 2 shelter stays and one abandonment in a Florida park. He was nearly starved to death and could not even stand when he was found. He put weight back on, was adopted out then returned within 9 months. They were going to be puting him down for nipping. Then we met his original rescuer in a dog park in CT. I crossposted for one week. No one came forward. He was on borrowed time, in isolation at shelter. Then we realized there was no one out there to take him but us! My husband said, "Let's get him. Bring him here.". A vet tech driving home to Boston dropped him off in Connecticut. He has turned around 200% in less than a year. So loving, protective and devoted. Just like a good Dutchie. High-quality genetics here. 7715733 Daisy Our gorgeous German Shepherd/Leonberger Mix. Gentle soul..kind, intelligent...knows more than words can express. 7715734 Sammy and Maggie Pulled Sammy from shelter.. was so Maggie out next.. He is my sleeping buddy..Maggie has a beautiful new home. 7715732 The Telepathic Connection - Manual/Book This is the photo used in my new manual/book. Thought I'd add it as a more recent one. 56361968 Lance Lance the Magnificient..originally from Tennessee..Got him when he was about 10 mos old..Our baby. 7715718 Otis Oliver An adorable, sweet as sweet can be pitbull mix.. we rescued, fostered and placed. Had terrible mange. Just a beautiful, trusting soul. A joy. 7715735 Pretty Peaches Pittygirl This was gorgeous Peaches. We had her for a few months last Summer. She is featured in a photo book on bully breeds now!! Author autographed my copy!!!! 56362393 Me & Roberto 153025585 Lance & Roberto 153016789 Brittany Faith She had terrible mange! Cured, and she has a beautiful new home now! 153016790 Dutch & Rosie 153016542 Brittany & Sasha 153016848 (more) Brittany & Sasha 153085265 Roberto & Rocky 153016881 Rocky 153017129 Vinny, Cooper & Rocky 153017127 Bella & Brady 153017245 Pierre we love you! 153017234 Vinny, Cooper Sleeping Sammy in background SLEEPING! 153017656 Vinny Walking 153017301 (again) Me & Roberto 153085263 Communicate with all of nature! 153137960 Dutchie & Mommy Goodbyes 2/12/16 last day 201029330 Dutchie last day 2/12/16 201029333 Dutch last day 2/12/16 201029331 Mommy & Dutch Goodbyes 2/21/16 last day 201029332