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The Telepathic Connection. Animal Communication- What is it and how does it work? - Ebook Manual; sent via email. PDF Format- Pet Communication self learning.

have written an Advanced Intro Manual for you to learn Animal Communication at your own pace.  I also offer coaching sessions. Please email me if you would like a price on these sessions

-The Telepathic Connection

Animal Communication -

Level 1 - Understanding what this Transference Is!


Level 2 – Expanding the Energetic Flow!


This was combined by a series of Manuals I have written to help you learn to communicate with animals telepathically and via heart to heart connection. 

I also have written several reiki systems/attunements that are available (though not listed here).  You may find them offered by others I have taught on the internet as well. If you are interested in any of those, please email me for that list. Or if you already have the name of a manual you are interested in, send that request.

by Elaine DeCarlo


This manual covers the following:

Level 1. Understanding what this transference is.

1. What is Animal Communication?

2. My personal Journey

1. Ways to Receive Telepathic Communication.

2. Techniques for Communicating with Animals.

3. Deep Breathing Exercises.

4. Grounding and Protecting Yourself Before Communication Begins.

5. The Heart to Heart Golden Cord Technique.

6. Clearing out Negative Energies or Space Clearing.

7. Using Your Spirit Guides to Communicate with Animals.

8. Relaxation Techniques.

9. Your Secret Garden Meditation - To Communicate with Animals.

10. Speaking with Deceased Animals.

11. Tracking missing or lost Pets.

12. Sending Healings to an Animal.

13. Nelion Healing System.

14.When not to use Animal Communication.

Level 2. Expanding the Energetic Flow!

15. Animal Communication Exercises/Practice Examples & More.

a. Simple Animal Communication Exercise.

b. The Balloon Channel Exercise.

16. Blue Ribbon Exercise for Grief & Protection.

17. Working with Crossed Over Pets as Guides.


(This is in a pdf file, 28 pages. With added updates in April, 2011.)



Manual only; Normal price $59.99 (including sold in other places)

Directly through me $39.99




     I also take Venmo email for information.



 Walk in Peace and with Love in your Heart!
The Animals will then Hear you and you them!





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